Handcrafted knives, cutting boards, knife storage and many other accessories for effortless food prep.

Combining Japanese forging techniques and Canadian woodworking expertise to offer some of the world's finest chef goods.

Forged by hand in Seki city, japan

Centuries of Tradition

Our goal at Hazaki is to offer the finest chef knives, cutting boards and accessories in the world, period.

Japanese blacksmiths are known in kitchens across the globe for producing the most performants blades. Dating back hundreds to the era of the Samurai, the Japanese expertise for handling steel and producing the sharpest and most durable blades is second to none.

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handcrafted in Montreal, Canada

Elevating Canadian Woodworking Expertise

Not only do we have access to amazing species of wood locally in Canada, we also know how to produce real work of arts with them.

Our cutting boards, knife handles, knife blocks and racks are all handmade with local and sustainably sourced woods here in Montreal, Canada.

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