The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut
The Ant - Walnut

The Ant - Walnut

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Elevate your kitchen with The Ant, our double sided small size edge grain chopping board made of sustainably sourced walnut. One side features a deep groove to catch juices from meats, while the flat side provides a smooth surface for fruits and vegetables and makes it easy to slide food directly from surface to surface.

  • Handmade in Canada
  • Sanded very finely and finished with multiple coats of our mineral oil and beeswax mix
  • Edge-grain construction (scroll down to see details)
  • Has 3 sleek stripes of Cherry Wood
  • WE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to purchase your board with our wood butter to avoid any cracks in the wood (apply the butter before your first use so that the board is ready to be used).
  • Board Materials : Walnut and Cherry Wood
  • Board Dimensions : 15" x 11" x 1" (38 x 28 x 2.5 cm)
  • Wash by hand only, we recommend wiping it after use with a clean cloth and cleaning it with soap once a week.
  • Care : every cutting board dries with time, we recommend applying our Wood Butter once a month to keep your board in mint condition.

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Handmade in Canada

Hazaki's cutting boards are all handmade in Montreal, Canada by a woodworker who has been making butcher blocks for over 30 years.

Made from sustainably sourced Canadian walnut, this cutting board is eco-friendly and will last you a lifetime.

Edge-Grain Construction

The Bee and The Ant are our edge-grain chopping boards. Wood fibres run the entire length of the board, making it stronger. This allows us to make the Dragonfly thinner and lighter than our other boards.

Not only are they lighter, they are also more affordable than the end-grain butcher blocks.


Use & Care

Buying a good quality cutting board is important, but taking care of it is even more.

If taken care of properly, our cutting boards were designed to last generations.