Introducing our

Knife Buying Guide

Understanding the basics

Our Japanese knives will last you a lifetime if taken care properly, so you want to make the best choice when it's time to purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

It's important that you understand the basics in the 3 following articles before making the perfect choice.

Which Knife Shape is best for you?

Getting lost in all the different blade shape models and sizes? Understand the difference between all of them with this article.

learn how to choose the best blade shape

The difference between the Pro and Classic Series

Learn what makes a knife more expensive than another one.

Understand the basics of knife performance with this article.

Learn how to choose between the Classic and Pro Series

Why Japanese knives are the best knives in the world

You've probably heard it many times : if you want a high quality knife, you have to buy a Japanese knife.

But why are they so better than the rest?

Learn why Japanese knives are world-renowned

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