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How we came to produce some of the world's finest Japanese knives, cutting boards other accessories.

Innovating while respecting tradition

Both Japanese forging techniques and Canadian woodworking expertise have been perfected for hundreds of years.

We wanted to offer the perfect combination between both to provide some of the finest handmade Japanese knives, cutting boards and other chef tools in the world.


World class quality at an affordable price

Samuel Bouchard (left), founded Hazaki in Montreal, Canada, with the goal to produce some of the finest kitchenware in the world.

Cooking with high quality Japanese knives and handmade cutting boards completely enhances your experience and makes it so enjoyable. We want to make this experience accessible to everyone; for the professional chef as much as for the home cook.

Yasuo (right) is Hazaki's official production partner in Japan.

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For the Love of Cooking

"Hazaki is the result of my passion for cooking, design and craftsmanship.

We spend a lot of time and efforts in designing products that are not only beautiful but that will also last a lifetime.

Hazaki is the sweet spot where chefs and home cooks can both enjoy the quality and utility of our products without having to spend an insane amount of money."

- Samuel Bouchard, Founder of Hazaki

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Designed to last in a professional kitchen

The importance of Chefs' advice

Working closely with chefs was extremely important in all our design process. If a knife or cutting board can last in a professional kitchen, it will surely do so at home.

Hazaki has now earned its place in some of the finest professional kitchens in the world.

What chefs think about Hazaki

After endless use, see what our clients think about Hazaki


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