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Knife Sharpening Basics

Introduction to knife sharpening

Not sure if you need a whetstone, a honing rod or both? Simply put, sharpening removes metal from the blade, honing doesn’t.

Let's understand the difference between honing and sharpening a knife.

Honing Your Knives

Maintaining your edge with a honing Rod

After the daily use of your blade, sometimes we think that it's not sharp anymore but in reality, it is simply that the edge will bend to the side as we can see on the below image.

The edge of your knife does not need to be sharpened, only realigned.

A good quality honing rod like our Ceramic Honing Rod is an absolute must in any cook's knife kit. Not only it's cheap, it's much more efficient than any other honing rod on the market.

We'll use a honing rod 1-2 times a month to keep the edge of your knife aligned and sharp. Once you hone your knives and they're not sharp anymore, this means that you need to sharpen them with a whetstone (scroll down to learn more).

Learn the technique on How to keep your knives sharp with a honing rod here.

Sharpening your knives with a whetstone

The most useful tool in your kitchen

When honing is no longer effective in bringing the “sharp” back, then it’s time for real sharpening.

When the technique is adequate, using good quality whetstones like our Whetstone Kit is by far the best way to sharpen your knives.

Don't be afraid, mastering the technique is way easier than you think and anyone at home can do it!

Click here to learn how to sharpen your knives with a whetstone.

All your knives will be sharp. Forever.

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