The Difference between the Pro and Classic Series

Understanding the difference between an affordable Japanese knife and a more expensive one

Not sure whether to choose between some of the Pro Series knives and the Classic Series ones?

Let's break down here what makes a Japanese knife better in terms of performance and understand why a knife would be better than another one.

1. The Steel

A higher quality steel means it's harder and tougher. So not only with a harder steel the blade will be sharper, but it will stand its edge for a much longer period of time

Damascus VG10

Used for all Pro Series knives, ''Damascus'' means that there are multiple layers of steel forged together to make the blade stronger.

Made of 67 layers of steel with a VG10 core, our Pro Series blades are extremely sharp. Each wavy pattern that you can see on the blade represents a layer of steel.

With an outstanding 61 score on the rockwell scale, the Pro Series blades are extremely sharp and keep their edges literally forever.

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Solid AUS8 steel

Used for all Classic Series knives, ''Solid'' means that it is still forged steel but made of 1 layer of steel only.

With a Rockwell score of 59, the Classic Series offers oustanding cutting performance for its price.

If you are looking to buy a first Japanese knife, any knife from the Classic Series is a very good starting point.

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2. The Handle

Having a better quality knife also means that the material used for the handle is a little more high end.

Careful, high end doesn't always mean better performance! Most of the time, it will mean to take more care of it.

Ethically Sourced Canadian Walnut

Used for all Pro Series knives, walnut is a high end wood essence that offers an outstanding look and feel in hand if taken care properly.

Finished with mineral oil and beeswax, the wood naturally dries out over time, meaning you have to apply some of our Wood Butter to make it look like new again.

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G10 Fiberglass

Used for all Classic Series knives, G10 is a type of fiberglass that is used in the military because of it's insane hardness and toughness.

Offering a very good range of colours, these knife handles will make it through the toughest environments.

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3. Forging process

A better quality knife usually will take more steps and time to produce than a lower quality one.

Made the Slow Way

Each Hazaki blade is made using traditional methods by skilled craftsmen in Seki and developed to be the best modern knife for the task. We are currently the only company to mix Japanese forging techniques with Canadian handles.

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