Why are Japanese knives offer world-class performance

Legacy, tradition and quality

The history of bladesmithing in Japan is really the source of why they are so amazingly better in every aspect than knives that are made in any other country.

Dating back the time of the Samurai

For more than 600 years, Japanese blacksmiths have perfected their forging techniques. With katanas now less in demand, the vast majority of forges have shifted their production to kitchen knives. Recognized today in kitchens around the globe, the modern Japanese knife combines ancient forging techniques with the precision of modern technology to bring you the finest knives in the world.

Superior quality steel

Obviously, you can't make some of the world's most performant knives without world-class steel quality.

Japanese steel is known to be some of the hardest in the world. A harder steel means that the bladesmiths are able to make the cutting edge way sharper (15 degrees and more compared to 25 degrees for Western knives). Not only Japanese knives are sharper than others, they will hold their edge forever.

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Forged and Sharpened by Hand

At Hazaki, our goal is to produce the sharpest and most durable knives in the world. This is why chose to produce all of our blades at one of the oldest knife factories of Seki City, Japan.

The family who forges our blades have been passing their knowledge from generation to generation for the last 400 years. Hazaki's blades are without a doubt some of the world's finest.

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Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada

Not only do we have access to amazing species of wood locally in Canada, we also know how to produce real work of arts with them.

Our cutting boards, knife handles, knife blocks and racks are all handmade with local and sustainably sourced woods here in Montreal, Canada.

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